1. Intelligent Deception Creates Evidence Of Credential & Connection To Lure Attackers To Decoys

    Intelligent Deception Creates Evidence Of Credential & Connection To Lure Attackers To Decoys

    Doron Kolton |

    To attract attackers, decoys are made to resemble the target systems as closely as possible. They have the look and feel of systems that an attacker seeks. Intelligent deception solutions actively lure attackers to the decoys once they have penetrated the perimeter. These lures, or breadcrumbs, e … READ MORE

  2. Fidelis Report: Transformation Of Security Operations Is Top Of Mind for 2018

    New Research Report: Transformation Of Security Operations Is Top Of Mind for 2018

    This report, conducted by SC Media and sponsored Fidelis asked security leaders, decision makers and influencers what they were most concerned about, what their C-Suite was most concerned about, and what they’re doing (or planning to do) about it. As we start off 2018 it is clear that cybersecu … READ MORE

  3. Deception Technology

    Deception Security: Modern Maturity for Automated Detection and Response

    Doron Kolton |

    Deception is becoming a critical part of organisations' security infrastructure. According to Gartner, the need for better detection and response is creating new opportunities for security stack automation, integration, consolidation and orchestration, while also driving the emergence of new seg … READ MORE


    Spectre & Meltdown: What You Need to Know

    Update: Fidelis has released a script for Fidelis Endpoint customers that allows users to quickly query their environment to check for the existence of the OS patches in addition to the hardware mitigations and optimizations in relation to Spectre/Meltdown. This allows for quick reporting across … READ MORE

  5. The biggest data breaches of 2017

    2017 The Year Of The Breach

    Cybercrime is a growing threat in today’s hyper-connected age. Breaches grew 15% between 2016 and 2017 (ITRC 2016, ITRC 2017). Meanwhile he average cost of a data breach blossomed to over $7 million according to a new Ponemon study and cybercrime damages are slated to cost the world $6 trillion … READ MORE

  6. Fidelis Transforming Security Operations

    Transforming Security Operations with Automation and Analytics

    Faster Detection and Response Is a Priority In security, there is an emphasis on getting it right, but less so on the importance of speed. Similar to an aeroplane cockpit, where there are simulations from multiple screens, flashing lights and beeping noises, Security Operations Centres (SOC) ofte … READ MORE

  7. How to Improve Cybersecurity for Your business

    How to Improve Cybersecurity for Your Business

    This article originally appeared in October on Clutch.co https://clutch.co/it-services/cybersecurity/resources/how-to-improve-cybersecurity-for-business Cybersecurity occupies a dark place in the public conscious. There are rarely (read: never) news stories that celebrate the strength of a company … READ MORE

  8. Once More Into the Breach

    Once More Into the Breach!

    Lessons we can learn from UBER on Incident Response and the implications of GDPR. The technology world could refer to the last Decade as “10 years of the breach”. At first, they were monthly, then fortnightly, weekly and now almost daily – with companies who have come out with their hands … READ MORE

  9. IceID Trojan Fidelis

    Tracking Emotet payload: IcedID

    In June 2017, Fidelis Cybersecurity was alerted to a new banking trojan that appeared to be doing very small delivery campaigns for testing purposes. This malware has since been named IcedID by IBM(1), and remains alive in an ongoing development cycle. IBM’s own report provides a good overview … READ MORE