Fidelis Network®

Best-of-Breed Breach Detection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Gain visibility into content over all ports and protocols to detect threats and prevent data loss.


See More, Inspect More

Identifying threats and data leakage requires deep inspection and analysis of all forms of content, including unpacking and extracting deeply embedded files. Fidelis Network bi-directionally scans all network traffic, regardless of port or protocol, to reveal the network and application protocols, files, and content.

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Never miss an attack or data leaving your network

  • Patented Deep Session Inspection® as well as Deep Packet Inspection gives you unique visibility across all ports and protocols.
  • By capturing and storing all metadata traffic, you can use with automated analytics or make available for improved threat hunting.
  • Automatically discover and classify data on your network to prevent unauthorized transfers out of your network.


Detect Threats

By conducting real-time network analysis and identifying behaviors that indicate compromises, Fidelis Network provides automated detection for the proactive discovery of attackers, suspicious hosts, and malware.

Fidelis Network Alert List

Real-time and retroactive detection

  • Detect and prevent infections at line-speed with real-time network analysis uncovering initial compromises, suspicious hosts, malware and compromised hosts.
  • Learn about past attacks with retroactive analysis of stored metadata triggered by key indicators derived from threat intelligence, machine learning, sandbox results and Fidelis research to understand attacker TTPs and prevent future attacks.

We’re able to observe more – more aspects, more activities and more methods used during an attack. Thanks to Fidelis our security dramatically changed.

- IT Director, Marek Laskowski, DZP
Fidelis Conclusions

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Fidelis Network automatically validates, correlates, and consolidates network alerts against every endpoint in your network. Minimize false positives and shift from clues to conclusions so you can quickly address the alerts that matter most.

Focus on what matters

  • Gain critical context and save valuable time by automatically validating, correlating and consolidating network alerts across every endpoint.
  • Make time-sensitive decisions with pre-staged evidence in one view. Suspicious network data, rich content and files are all assessed against industry-best security analytics and rules.

Prevent Threats

Fidelis Network includes multiple sensors that can be placed throughout your network to enforce prevention policies. These sensors can be placed inline or out-of-band based on your network configuration and prevention tolerance.

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Terminate threats in progress

  • Drop sessions in real-time in response to detected policy violations with inline or out-of-band sensors.
  • Analyze email content (even when encrypted) and prevent compromises by dropping, re-routing or quarantining email messages with the email sensor.
  • Redirect web pages or drop sessions with the web sensor.
Validating Network Alerts at the Endpoint with Fidelis Elevate™
Fidelis Elevate Video
Resource: Video
Learn how to automatically validate network alerts at the endpoint.
Fidelis Network Module

Detect and Prevent Data Loss

Fidelis Network detects and prevents data theft by utilizing our industry-best content decoding and inspection engine. Get ultimate visibility of exfiltration attempts and keep your sensitive data safe.

See everything leaving the network

  • Analyze network sessions over time to detect data leakage thanks to stored metadata.
  • Prevent loss of critical and sensitive data through standard and non-standard ports.
  • Automatically confirm and stop data theft with deep content inspection of all outgoing network activity.
  • Gain accurate alerts with clear forensic evidence of data exfiltration.
Fidelis Insight

Leverage Curated Threat Intelligence for More Accurate Detection

Fidelis Insight analyzes real-time and historical data, so you can rapidly detect and respond to threats in your environment, even when they happened in the past.


Flexible Deployment Options:


  • You maintain and manage all appliances and software
  • Fidelis professional services assists with deployment and training
  • Available network sensors include: Direct, Mail , Internal, and Web
  • Maintenance fees includes intelligence updates from Fidelis Threat Research Team
  • License additional appliances, sensors as your needs grow

In Cloud

  • Infrastructure maintained by Fidelis, so you can focus on security
  • Rapid deployment and immediate implementation
  • Scale up as you grow with as many software sensors as you need
  • Uninterrupted service as you transition from a trial to production
  • Simplified subscription pricing based on your bandwidth and storage needs

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